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Content – Each class consists of the following components:

1) Questions:     Our challenging questions, which are like those you see on the real exam, cover the Patrol Guide and Law, with full explanations of every choice.  The questions are in an interactive digital quizzer.  You will be able to print a copy of the questions and answers.  You also have the option of paying extra (below) to have a printed copy of the material mailed to you.

2) Lectures:      An audio lecture on the relevant Patrol Guide sections is available as downloadable MP3 files.  During the course, 2 additional lectures will cover all the required law subjects, i.e., Legal Bureau Bulletins and Penal Law.  We will not mail CDs because the MP3 option allows us to provide more material than can fit on 1 CD with each class.

3) Slideshow:     Powerpoint presentations with audio lectures for each slide on the most important and/or difficult topics covered in that class.

4) Patrol Guide:   Purchase of the entire course includes free access to the KSA digital Patrol Guide, which will be continuously updated during the course.

5) In-Baskets:     Lesson 10 covers In-Basket exercises.  In-Baskets are mailed to you (not posted digitally), including step-by-step instructions that teach the KSA method of mastering this part of the test.

6) Law Handouts:     Each class contains explanatory law material in addition to the questions.  About midway through the course, 2 special law handouts will be posted, 1 devoted to Legal Bureau Bulletins and our comprehensive “Penal Law in a Panic.”

COST:     The price of each class depends on whether or not you want a copy of the questions mailed to you (Chart on Course Page).  You save $100 by purchasing the entire course up front.  You have the option of paying the lower price for all 18 weeks or attending the Final In-Basket/Technical Knowledge Exam & Marathon for the full price (those live classes cost $50 each to attend).  Please note that each class becomes available during the numbered week of the course, i.e., Class 1 during the 1st week and Class 18 during week 18.  During the course, earlier weeks are always available immediately.  However, later weeks are not available until that numbered week.

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There are 2 methods of payment.

The easiest and fastest method is to charge the purchase on-line through paypal.com. 

The second method is the good old-fashioned way of writing a check to:

KSA Publications
PO Box 2007
New York, N.Y. 10010

Good Luck on your studying.

Arty Storch

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